Dr Rachel Tunney is a skilled medical professional, with over 11 years of experience across a wide range of specialities.  


Rachel graduated from Newcastle University in 2010. She worked in general medicine (cardiology, respiratory and renal) and surgical specialities (orthopaedics and urology) and has been an anaesthetist and intensive care doctor since 2012. Rachel is highly trained in physiology, anatomy, and pharmacology, and in 2014 she successfully passed the Membership of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (MRCA) examinations.


Rachel has excellent technical skills and exceptional attention to detail, having specialised in procedures such as epidurals, spinal and nerve blocks. She is passionate about evidence-based clinical practice, with health and safety and infection control placed at the core of her work.  


She has trained at the Medical and Aesthetic Training Academy, the Harley Academy and Visage Aesthetics in anti-wrinkle injections, soft tissue fillers and injectable skin boosters, as well as being a qualified Obagi Medical practitioner. More recently Rachel has completed the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection Course (MASCED), and she aims to offer a holistic approach to complete skin health.


With her calm persona and her gift for creating a strong rapport with her patients, Rachel loves to spend time understanding the unique needs of each patient she works with. She is passionate about skin health, and about helping people to feel at their most confident every day.  

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