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Skin remodelling treatment with the only FDA approved medical microneedling device clinically proven to help with a range of skin concerns.

Dr Rachel Tunney Aesthetics

Ringwood, Hampshire


SkinPen Precision Microneedling is a form of collagen induction therapy or medical needling treatment. 

The SkinPen device uses its quiet medical-grade reciprocating motor to allow 14 stainless steel surgical quality needles to create 98,000 microchannels in the skin per minute.

This controlled microinjury to specific depths in the skin induces the natural healing response of the body. The area is flooded with growth factors, and new collagen and elastin are produced.

Ultimately this results in thicker, plumper, firmer and smoother skin.

Dr Tunney will talk through the important after-care steps with you to ensure you get the best outcome.

We would usually recommend a course of treatments, as this has been shown to produce the best results. However, benefits can be seen with one treatment.

Single Treatment

Course of four

Course of six


Procedure takes 30 minutes

Best results seen around 3 months after treatment

Complications are rare - include, infection, bruising, granuloma, allergy

Topical anaesthesia required

Minimal downtime

Redness usually subsides by 72 hours

Ongoing skin remodelling even at 1 year after treatment


Who can have microneedling treatment?

An adult, over the age of 18, of any race or gender, can have SkinPen microneedling treatment also long as they are medically and psychologically assessed as suitable.

Those who cannot have SkinPen microneedling treatment include:

  • Active skin cancer

  • Open wounds, sores or irritated skin in the treatment area

  • Allergy to stainless steel or topical anaesthetic agents

  • Bleeding disorder

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) use within the last 6 months

  • Active bacterial, viral or fungal infection

There are a number of other medical conditions where SkinPen microneedling may not be appropriate, but this will be discussed at your consultation.

Will it hurt?

While some people can tolerate this procedure without numbing cream, the majority do choose to have topical anaesthetic cream applied before the treatment. This would be applied for 20-30 minutes prior to the treatment to ensure you are comfortable through the SkinPen treatment. There is generally not much discomfort after the treatment, most people experience some tightness, dryness and redness which settles quickly over the following 3-4 days.

I'm worried about the downtime, how long will I have to hide away?

SkinPen microneedling 

Will I have a lot of swelling afterwards?

It is very normal after any injectable procedure to have some degree of swelling, however, certain areas swell more than other e.g. the lips. We wouldn't recommend having a soft tissue filler treatment the day or two before a big event, but most of the time any swelling will resolve within a few days. You can help with any swelling by following the aftercare advice given to you at your treatment.

When can I have other aesthetic or facial treatments?


Having soft tissue filler around the lip area can cause a breakout of cold sores, even if you have never had them before (a very small chance of around 1%). If you have a history of cold sores, you may be recommended to have a course of antiviral medication in the run-up to your treatment. If you do end up with cold sores following a lip filler treatment, rest assured that the majority will resolve without any treatment in two to three weeks.

What are the costs involved?

We price soft tissue filler per syringe used, and they usually come in a 1ml syringe. We understand that these treatments are expensive, but this reflects that the products we use are legally sourced and from a licensed pharmacy, and the treatment is performed by a highly qualified medical professional, who can diagnose and manage any side effects of complications. We will always be completely transparent with costs, however, if you are concerned about the treatment costs, we are happy to discuss options with you at your consultation.


Rachel provides excellent care and I totally trust her professional judgement in terms of what is best for me and my skin. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you have been wondering whether you should start some skin-care and aesthetics programme, do book a consultation with Rachel - I am sure you will be impressed.