How To Get The Most Out Of Your Injectable Treatment.

It is well proven that a combination of in-clinic treatments and a robust and personalised at-home skincare routine works well for just about any type of aesthetic concern.

Injectables are no different.

Here's why...

Addressing Different Layers

There are 5 layers in the face. This is simplified, but in aesthetics, we refer to these different layers when we come to treatment planning and injectables.

Why Skincare is So Important

Skincare is a fundamental step in your treatment because the skin is the top layer and what we actually see!

If your bone, fat and muscles are represented by a table, then your skin is the tablecloth.

It would be a shame if you spent time restoring and polishing the table only to throw a crumpled tablecloth on top.

By improving the quality, texture, and health of your skin, we are ironing out the creases in the tablecloth, ready to showcase the work done beneath!

Our Advice

Maintaining good sunscreen habits is key.

Sunshine and daylight cause damage to our skin cells, resulting in lines and wrinkles, sunspots, and skin cancers.

If you have had an injectable treatment to target lines and wrinkles, using a broad-spectrum high SPF sunscreen will help protect your skin and prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming.

We also recommend using products that are not only designed to reduce downtime, promote hydration, and increase elasticity but also safe to use following an injectable treatment.

Putting This Into Practice

When you come to see us about an injectable treatment, we will also spend time discussing your skincare.

We would normally recommend at least

  • An SPF and antioxidant

These will help keep your skin healthy and protect it from further sun damage.

Mineral-based sunscreens are safe to use immediately post injectable treatments.

We recommend SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV defence SPF 50 and combining this with a powerful antioxidant such as CE Ferulic.

  • Anti-ageing moisturiser or serum

Which will help feed your skin, reduce irritation, and improve hydration.

HA Intensifier helps to plump the skin and restore hydration so is an excellent product to use if you are targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Rich anti-ageing moisturisers like Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 or Obagi Hydrate Luxe are fantastic for helping repair the barrier function of the skin, keeping moisture locked in with ceramides and lipids.

  • Retinol

This will help increase cell turnover and tackle fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinol 0.3 by SkinCeuticals is a great starting point, but if you are not new to retinol, you could try a 0.5 or even 1.0 retinol to hit those lines and wrinkles hard!

If you can start using these products before your treatment, that is ideal, but not essential.

We will always ask you about your skin at your injectable consultation. It can be useful to bring in pictures of your products so that we can fully understand your routine, and make adjustments if necessary.

Ready to start your journey? Book in for a consultation today.

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