Skin remodelling treatment with the only FDA approved medical microneedling device clinically proven to help with a range of skin concerns.

Dr Rachel Tunney Aesthetics

Ringwood, Hampshire


SkinPen Precision Microneedling is a form of collagen induction therapy or medical microneedling treatment. 

The SkinPen device uses its quiet medical-grade reciprocating motor to allow 14 stainless steel surgical quality needles to create 98,000 microchannels in the skin per minute. The treatment can be performed in many places on the body, but the most common sites are the face, neck, decolletage and hands. Scars can be treated in other areas as well.

Microneedling works by utilising the body's natural phases of wound healing:


Injury in the form of microchannels caused by the SkinPen trigger an increase in blood flow to the skin, bringing cells to clean up the wound and start building new tissue.


The lays down new granulation tissue in the wound, to close the gap in the skin. New blood vessels are created to maintain a supply of oxygen to the new tissue, and the communication between cells in the skin is improved.


The wounded tissue is replaced with new collagen, elastin and blood vessels resulting in regenerated, rejuvenated skin!

The results we see with SkinPen Microneedling include thicker, firmer, tigther and smoother skin, more even pigmentation and less visible scars, with minimal downtime.


Single | Course of 3 | Course of 6

£230 | £690 | £1215

Face and Neck

Single | Course of 3 | Course of 6

£305 | £875 | £1625

Face, Neck and Decolletage

Single | Course of 3 | Course of 6

£380 | £1045 | £1975

Scarring (including acne scars)

Single | Course of 3 | Course of 6

£260 | £765 | £1425

Add On: Hands

Single | Course of 3 | Course of 6

£50 | £75 | Free

Price includes - topical anaesthetic cream, treatment, aftercare products* and review

Skinfuse Lift HG and Skinfuse Rescue Calming Complex for single treatments.

If a course of three treatments is booked, this will include SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair (RRP£70) for use after the treatment.
If a course of six treatments is booked, this will include SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair (RRP £70) and Phyto Corrective Masque (RRP£60) for use after the treatment.

A course must be booked and paid for upfront to receive the additional products.
Payment plans are available.



Procedure takes 30-60 minutes

Best results are seen with a course of 3-6 treatments

Complications are rare but include, infection, bruising, granuloma, allergy

Topical anaesthesia preferred

Minimal downtime

Redness usually subsides by 72 hours

Ongoing skin remodelling even at 1 year after treatment


Lovely facial, my skin feels amazing. Rachel is knowledgeable and able to make great recommendations for both in clinic and at home treatments!